Healing Our Church

A pastoral response to the sexual abuse crisis and cover up by church leaders

The recent wave of news about sexual abuses committed by Catholic clergy have left many of the faithful in emotional turmoil regarding their faith. Amidst the other difficulties the situation presents, how do dioceses and parishes find a way to minister to these hurting parishioners?

RENEW International has created Healing Our Church, a small-group resource which faces the issue head-on and helps the faithful begin the healing process. Whether you choose to engage in the optional preparation period and RENEW services, or to simply purchase the books, Healing Our Church will help the faithful deal with the complex emotions this scandal has caused and start on the path to healing and renewed discipleship. 

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This six session faith-sharing resource can be used as part of a diocesan process, or by individual parishes. The six sessions are:

  • Facing the Truth
  • Healing Our Wounds
  • Rebuilding Our Church
  • Why do I Remain Catholic?
  • We Believe
  • We Are the Church

Download our brochure for more information, or if you are interested, contact Peter Fiore, Director of Sales at or (908) 769-5400 X110.

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