Longing for the Holy

Lenten Longings from RENEW International

Longing for the Holy is for those who want to enrich their sense of the presence of God. Based on the gentle spiritual guidance and practical wisdom of best-selling author Fr. Ronald Rolheiser, OMI, it concerns the way we channel the deep longing at the core of our beings. Designed for either a small group faith-sharing experience or personal reflection, Longing for the Holy guides participants in exploring the implications of the central mysteries of faith—the Incarnation, the Eucharist, and the Paschal Mystery—for spirituality. Attending to the cultural challenges that keep us from realizing our true desire, it considers the important themes of church community, justice, sexuality, the practices of the spiritual life, and being a mystic of the everyday.

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How It Works

Longing for the Holy offers spiritual insights of Fr. Ronald Rolheiser O.M.I. in a way that will transform people through prayer, reflection, and sharing faith in small Christian communities. The process unfolds over a course of twelve sessions, which may be scheduled according to the pastoral needs of the group or parish.

The Longing for the Holy Small-Group Set contains everything you need to implement the process in your parish by having all of the ingredients needed to bring this enriching spiritual experience to life:

  • 10 Participant Books (containing 12 sessions with prayers, reflections, sharing questions, and stories from saints to cover different dimensions of contemporary spiritual life)
  • Leading Prayer in Small Groups
  • Sowing Seeds
  • Gleanings Prayer Journal
  • CDs with music and audio reflections

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Sedientos de Dios

Esta formidable y sencilla guía para profundizar en la riqueza de la espiritualidad, es un excelente recurso pastoral para aquellos que hacen su experiencia de fe en pequeñas comunidades cristianas.

Sedientos de Dios es una guía pastoral en 12 semanas con verdaderos hechos de vida y de la Palabra de Dios. Nos invita a percibir cómo el Espíritu Santo actúa y nos lleva a ver la presencia del Dios en nuestras propias vidas.