The Power & Impact of
Small Christian Communities


🗓️ Tuesdays: May 7  |  May 21  |  June 11

⏰ Time: 2 pm ET

May 7  The Synod - What now?

Join us for an interactive conversation about how to implement the ideas Pope Francis presented in the Synod, with a focus on small group faith-sharing and why it matters!

May 21  The Synod - Why you?

Experience what it's like to be a part of a faith-sharing group that explores the small but significant ways our words and actions can bring the presence of Christ into the world through the social ministry of the church.

June 11  The Synod - What's next?

Discover what it means to evolve from a small group(s) into a Small Christian Community and how this "community of communities" can transform your parish and your people by creating an ever-widening circle of commitment where the parish is the center of constant missionary outreach.

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