2021 Spring Faith Sharing

Join us this spring for a variety of online faith-sharing sessions. Whether you are looking to deepen your spirituality, or engage more deeply in social concerns from a Catholic perspective, there is a faith-sharing session for you. Choose the topics or dates and times that work best for you.




Led by

Creation at the Crossroads

Wednesdays, 3 PM ET

April 28 -- June 2

Sister Honora Nolty

Dignity & the Death Penalty

Thursdays, 4 PM ET

April 29 -- June 10

Sister Terry Rickard & Alice Hugh Brown (author)

At Prayer with Mary

Mondays, 4 PM ET

May 3 -- June 21

Sister Louise Alff & Joseph Baricelli

Longing for the Holy

Tuesdays, 4 PM ET

May 4 -- June 15

Jennifer Bober & Joseph Baricelli


Creation at the Crossroads

Our Earth is in peril.  With Pope Francis’ groundbreaking encyclical on the environment, Laudato Si' as our guide, we will support and inspire each other to take action on behalf of our common home during this faith-sharing series. 

Join RENEW International's Sister Honora Nolty in a faith-sharing series on Creation at the Crossroads, a small-group resource breaking open Laudato Si'.



Dignity & the Death Penalty: Evolution of Catholic Teaching

Join author Alice Hugh Brown and Sister Terry Rickard for an exploration of Catholic teaching on capital punishment utilizing Dignity and the Death Penalty: Evolution of Catholic Teaching. This new resource from RENEW is based on the work of Sister Helen Prejean who has worked tirelessly to end executions in this country.

Participants are asked to watch the film Dead Man Walking ahead of the first session. The film is based on Sister Helen and her work. It is available on multiple streaming services.



At Prayer with Mary

Scripture, Catholic teaching, personal testimonies, and Marian prayer— including the rosary—provide a renewed appreciation of Mary’s place in today’s world, where she, as always, points the way to Christ.

Experience the life and mystery of Mary, deepen your appreciation of and devotion to our Blessed Mother Mary and enrich your prayer experiences through faith sharing led by Sister Louise Alff & Joseph Baricelli with At Prayer with Mary



Longing for the Holy

Join Jennifer Bober, RENEW Marketing Manager, and Joseph Baricelli, RENEW Operations and Customer Service Manager, for faith sharing using Longing for the Holy. Experience how the gentle spiritual guidance and practical wisdom of best-selling author, Ronald Rolheiser, O.M.I. can enliven everyday life. This is an ideal resource for enriching your spirituality as it covers different dimensions of contemporary spiritual life.