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Grief in the Time of COVID-19:
A Pastoral Care Minister’s Response


Exploring the Experience of Loss During Covid-19
Date: Thursday, November 5; 2pm-3:30pm

The complexities of grief amid COVID-19—distance grieving, loss of rituals, loss of touch, inability to be physically present with a dying loved one, families unable to say good-bye, limits on numbers permitted at funeral services, few supports available after the funeral for fear of spreading the virus—and the long-term consequences of unattended grief. This meeting will include personal experiences from a caregiver and someone who is recently bereaved, then move into break-out groups to allow participants to share on their personal response to grief and to that of those to whom they are ministering.


  • Dr. Alice Beal, Palliative Care Physician COVID-19 ICU unit in the Brooklyn VA Hospital.  Dr. Beal is also a parishioner of St. Boniface in Brooklyn.
  • Jennifer Bober, Manager of Marketing, RENEW International. (Jennifer will share her experience of the loss of her father during COVID-19.)
  • Paul Krenzelok, Associate Director for Staffing and Logistics, RENEW International (Moderator)


Accompanying the Grieving in a Time of Social Distance
Date: Thursday, November 12; 2pm-3:30pm

During this time of social distancing, many of the usual sources and practices of support are lacking. The lack of support during and after the loss of a loved one may mean the loss takes even longer to process. In this web meeting, we will explore alternative and creative ways to accompany and support the grieving.


  • Kathleen Detlet holds a Masters in Counseling from Seton Hall University and a Doctorate in Ministry from Drew University. Dr. Detlet is Co-Director of the Lumen Center, Caldwell, NJ.
  • Terry A. Ginther, Diocese of Trenton: Chancellor, Executive Director for the Office of Pastoral Life and Mission
  • Paul Krenzelok, Associate Director for Staffing and Logistics, RENEW International (Moderator)


Conducting Virtual Bereavement Groups
Date: Thursday, November 19; 2pm-3:30pm

This meeting will explore best practices for conducting virtual grief groups or one with social distancing. We will introduce RENEW’s small-group resource, Grieving the Death of a Loved One, a six-session faith-sharing book that has been updated in the context of COVID-19. Grieving the Death of a Loved One will be sent to web participants for their review at no cost. An E-Book will also be available.


  • Kathleen Donnelly, Pastoral Assistant, St. Pius X, Fairfield, CT and an experienced parish bereavement minister.
  • Paul Krenzelok, Associate Director for Staffing and Logistics, RENEW International (Moderator)

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