Stockton Latinos to Work for Social Justice

Posted by RENEW International on Sep 20, 2013 8:30:00 AM
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When Latino/Hispanic parishioners begin La justicia brota de la fe: Formación en la fe y en la Doctrina Social de la Iglesia this fall in the Diocese of Stockton they will be well prepared. Twenty two of the twenty-five parishes that will use La justicia brota de la fe participated in the training workshops held September 3-5.

Manuel Hernandez of RENEW International’s Pastoral Services Team led the six workshops held at three sites throughout the diocese. The majority of the 225 participants were small community leaders who will be facilitating the faith-sharing sessions, and Manuel described them as enthusiastic and energetic. He said he was particularly impressed with members of St. Joseph Parish, Mammouth Lakes, who drove more than five hours for the training.

RENEW International’s Manuel Hernandez, left, led the training for
La justicia brota de la fe. Here he speaks one-on-one with a small community leader
Rafael Aguirre from St. Mary Parish of Oakdale, California. (Photo by Grace Esquivel)

La justicia brota de la fe, written by Father Allan Figueroa Deck, SJ, is a two-year Spanish-language faith-sharing process that connects principles of social justice to Catholic faith for Latinos/Hispanics.

Enthusiastic small community leaders participated inLa justicia brota de la fe workshops
in the Diocese of Stockton. (Photo by Grace Esquivel)

For more information on La justicia brota de la fe, click here.

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